My city, Nashville

Who I am

I am a person passionate about technology and its possibilities. A maker of things physical and ephemeral. A communicator of ideas and ideals. I am a husband, father, homeowner, developer, welder, actor, designer, surveyor, mapper, and know-it-all.

I began this journey as a child in front of an Apple II with Logo. That passion grew as a hobby through Basic, Pascal, Java, C++, and Python. I decided to transform a hobby into a profession through hard work and Nashville Software School.

Every day I am challenged in a new way. I am surrounded by interesting and brilliant people. I work together with those people to solve problems I never dreamed I could solve. What's next?

A typical development set-up

Stuff I do

I plan. I code. I repeat.

  • Front End

  • Back End

  • Git Skillz

  • Work All Night

My home on the range, circa 1950

Stuff I've Done

Hold on to your headphones....

please refer to my github for more examples

My home on the range, circa 1950


This is an awesome little SPA that tests your vocabulary. I'm a fan of crosswords. I'm NOT ok with reuseing the same words over and over. Voila! leXicology was born. This project is in the process of overhaul.

My home on the range, circa 1950

Blogity Blog!

This is a simple django-powered application I made. I needed a place to display some thoughts that some people have asked to read. Here is that place. Look for more content, as well as a changing form, as time goes on!

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Mushrrom Hunter App


The Mushroom Hunter App

A simple django-driven application that employs macine learning on a known data set. This one predicts whether a mushroom is edible or not. THIS IS TRULY A NOVELY APPLICATION. Do not trust it's algorithms with your life.

Can I eat this fungus?
My home on the range, circa 1950


A chat app. GitHeads was a four person team at NSS. Feel free to add your own missives! The background changes whenever the theme colors are changed.

Look at it!
My home on the range, circa 1950

Arena of Mythology

An arena game, approximating a robot battle. Or mythology. Or both. There is but one button. The challengers fight using a robust system of algorithmical alchemy. One shall lose. Or both!